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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Show Me Your BFF Contest

she's invited me to join her first contest. at first, i dont want to do this because i dont have time to search all my pictures in my Albums. but org dah invite , join saja lah :) thanks kakak :)
gedik tak gedik tak ? letak gamba kitorang dulu baru buat contest. hihi =p i dont look pretty like her. because i am a very simple person when hanging out with people. wear what i feel comfortable with. kadang2 je melaram kalau ada occasion apa-apa. lagi satu, dah mmg saya tak lawa, nak buat guane doh tu =p

oh stop membebel about benda yg tak masuk dalam entri -.-'
jom join contest ni okay. sila click gambar utk ke link dia :P

Dear NurulBadiah Lai ,
the five person excluding me in this above picture are my best best bestfriend. they are my roomates, my pillowmates, my blanketmates , my foodmates and everything is all about mates. hee. meet them. from left : Puteri Azny, Nurul Fathiah, Munirah, me , Nurul Shazlin and Nurul Naim. once u know them , u'll know that they are so awesome friends. they are also unique especially the one named Nurul Naim. the others have their own style. yeahhh , we are so so so varieties. haha. thats make us become closer and concern about each other. for me, they are my bestfriends in my university life. and hopefully, it will be last forever :)

person i tagged :


Indah Mulya said...

ohemmiawww! u da jmpe sis nurul! bencik ah org dok sane..sng la nk bjmpe2..hehe..ho,da 3 org tag i neh..glup! =p

cimut munniey :) said...

ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhh! T__T

meaw said...

tengs sis tag naa...tapi sis nurul dah invite da......da buat lama dah pon contest tu...:)

eh,sis mmbr sis nurul ke? waaaaa..

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

gambar itu buat kakak terharu..hehhe..love u dear..

thanks taw zama for joining,..

wish u all de best taw

Pacek ABU sifir said...

ict skang masuk dah kene bayar kan2...

Kaspersky Seller said...

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-plz forward- :)

Nur-Za Marlyana Mohd Kamal said...

IM ; hahaha cpt cpt hate me now ! :P boo boo ! tula. lainkali study kat Malaysia je. haha

muni ; :P

meaw; hee. sis xtau lak meaww dh buat :P yup membe a.k.a akak :)

kak nurul ; hee. love u too :D

kas ; hee. okayyy

Anonymous said...

cantik dalaman lagi penting. =)
anyway, goodluck bha~ hope menang. hehe.

Mamaleesya said...

dua-dua comeyyyy...

Nur-Za Marlyana Mohd Kamal said...

eel ; hehe. ma kasih bha :P

mama ; hee. thanks mama :P

Mamaleesya said...

alaaa xde entri baru...nak baca :)

-telordibasuh- said...

perh...sape la yg tgkp pic tu kan xde nak kasi kredit ke hahaahahhah

Nur-Za Marlyana Mohd Kamal said...

telor ; hahaha. ok. kredit to telordibasuh.