'A Fool Loses Tomorrow, Reaching Back for Yesterday'

Thursday, January 28, 2010

tall-tale story :))

here's the story..
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Senah, waiting for her bf named Mirul. Mirul is 5 years younger than her and now is a student in a college in the city. While Senah is waiting for Mirul, she's babbling alone because she had to wait for a long time for Mirul. After a few moments, Mirul arrived. "Senah Senah ! im here", Mirul shout. "What takes u so long to come here?" Senah is now babbling to Mirul. Mirul tried to calm her and gave her a present (it was a dinasour toy). HAHA. "Senah, i have something for u. look at this", Mirul gave it with a big smile. Senah looked at it with her mad face. "EEEUUUWWW whats this? is this a gift that u wanna give to me?y must a dinasour?it is soooo childish. ERGHHH", but Senah still took it. After a few minutes, Mirul asked Senah to go to cosmo world to play roller coaster. yeehaaa! but......... Mirul didnt have monet at all. So, he asked Senah to treat him as usual. They arrived there and on the way to cosmo world,,,, Mirul saw his friends. So, he introduced Senah to them. They said that Senah is too old for a young man like Mirul. "She has a lot of money, that y i want her", whispered Mirul to his friends. So, his friends started to praise Senah and asked her to treat them also. Senah, with a stupid and close minded agreed with it. ------------------ After 2 weeks, Mirul and Senah met again. Mirul asked Senah for a money. Senah suddenly get mad and asked Mirul to choose whether he wants money or her. SO... here's the answer "i want ur money. i need it. plssss my dear". Senah scolded him and asked for a break up. ------ Thats the end of 1st scene.
Rahman, a workaholic man, rich but stingy. He waited for Senah for half an hour. Senah arrived. "Helo sygggg... how r u? u look so handsome today", Senah started to praise him because she afraid that Rahman will get mad. "Yes of course i am. i always look handsome", he claimed. Senah smile. But Rahman still mad at her. He babbling to Senah and so on. -------- a dinner. Rahman proposed Senah but she dont accept it. So, here goes the fight. HAHAHA. and break up again. (sorry just a short one because im lazy to type, HEHE)
Senah sitting alone in the park. And there was a guy playing basketball. He is tall, tanned and seriously looked like a PERFECT GUY from Iraq ! lalalala~ His name is Umar. While playing the basketball, he saw Senah alone and he tried to greet Senah. "Helo? May i help u miss?", Umar asked. Senah looked very shocked but still gave him a sweet smile. "Oh helo mr. No its ok. Im alright and will be just fine. thanks for asking me.", answered Senah. After 5 minutes, they started to talk about what happened to Senah and so on. He advice Senah to be more careful in finding a bf. ---------- After one and a half years they're together and sharing a lot of happy moments, Senah asked Umar "My dear, when are we getting married?" . And Umar cant give her any answer. Senah started to be curious. She asked a lot of questions to Umar. And Umar gave her the answer. (while they are talking and discuss about their relationship, there's a 'TITANIC SONG' as a background music.HAHA) ------ and then, they decided to break up.
Senah feels bad about what happened in her life. Now, she has no one. She has only Allah as her bf and her life. She's sitting on the floor and recite the Quran every night.


lalala~ ini lakonan kami. tp tak sempat habiskn ke empat2 scene. ms tak cukup. kami ingatkan ms 10 minit. rupenye 5 minit je. huhu :(

p/s : alert with announcements. hehe. and sorry grammar vocab sume tunggang langgang. haha

Sunday, January 24, 2010

weekend ku :D

pd hari jumaat ade nasyid. HAHA ape jd? kalah je tak masuk final pun. hahaha. nk tgk video kitorg nasyid? tak pyahla ye. sgan pulak rasenye. sbb kitorg sgt kelaka before start menyanyi. haha. so, kesudahannya, kitorg lg happy dari orgf yg dpt msk final. HAHAH. gamba takde la hrp maklum sbb hp habis bateri. haha. ok sudah3 ! next cerita.
meronggeng2 ke sunway pyramid. ya itu dia 6 sahabat. zama, puterk, naim, shazlin, balau dan nel. terbaekkkk dr kami. hahaha. main ice skating dan boling. zama pemenang boling dgn 103 marks kalo tak silappp :D hehehhe. padan muke korg ! yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa ! keding bkn sebarang keding tau. HAHAH

p/s ; jgn lupe jubah, haha

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Festiven's Week 2010


ha tgk tgk video ape tu pusing pusing ? haha. itu video kapal terbang. hari ni ade RC helicopter kot name die. tak tau la ape name. actually event ni start hari selase dan hari ni dh hari rabu. smlm sambutan agak mcm WOW :DD mcm2 perangai zama jupe. haha kelaka betul. hari ni tak pegi booth sgt pegi kejap kejap je sbb ade class dari pagi. WUWUUW. mls nak story psl ape terjadi smlm kat festiven. lagipun takde byk gamba pun psl smlm. harini punye la ade gamba. nk tgk? ha NAH

p/s ; nnt zama update lg cite psl festiven ok ! :))

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

green day !

ha ape korg tgk tgk? mesti mcm heran kan kenape sume hijau ni? hahha ceritenye mcm ni. hari rabu 6th january 2010 ialah hari hijau kat cfsiium PJ ni. so, dgn perasaan yg tak berape nak ade perasaan ni, zama pun pakai je la baju hijau atas cdgn nana tersyg. HEHE and mlm td nana dgn baik hatinye tlg gosok baju kurung zama dan tudung. weet weet ! cintalah kau nana. hehe. ok ok back to the topic , so ini classmates yg berbaju hijau pd hari ini. bole thn ramai jugak yg support. ni aktiviti begamba slps selesai buat experiment BUSUK vaporisation ethanol buthanol pentane acetone buthanal. buthanal la plg busuk haprekkk , nk tekua anak tekak bawu. HAHA

ni apekehal nye yob? HAHAHA. sbnrnye empat2 tgh malu ni sbb classmates laki kitorg tgh pndg ape yg kitorg buat especially din. HAHA. kitorg nk posing bangang bangang skit tp terjadi. so kitorg berdiri lps tu trus tercangkung mcm tu. HAHA mcm nk terberak pon ade kn? :P

tu hujung kanan baju purplr tu ade makhlus tinggi muncul, HAHA mira namenye. sebok je nk snap jugak gamba dgn group zama. shazlin sorg je berbaju biru. kalo hijau, mmg superb ah group chemistry experiment utk harini. HEHE gamba sblh tu tak tau la ape mslhnye. hyper sgt kot. HAHA. mlm ni kne tutup lampu kul 8 smpai 8.05. support bumi yeahh yeahh ! hehe.
p/s ; kat lab jgn buat kecoh cm kami :P