'A Fool Loses Tomorrow, Reaching Back for Yesterday'

Friday, May 22, 2009

packing stuffs and playing game =P

tomorrow is the date that i have to register in uia petaling jaya. oh god, im afraid of it. but its ok because i'll try to do my best to survive there without my mom, dad and the whole family. huhu. ape nk buatkn. btw, i'll be the great super duper amazing engineer one day. ahahah. insyallah la kan =D sgt busy today. packing my stuffs. baju kurung la plg banyak =p jubah pun ade sehelai. haha. saje menyepahkn tmpt mkn. haha

ini mmg, sbb takde keje. haha

main game & chatting with kak miza. hehe


AraBadrul said...

selamat masuk belajar.
matrik uia ye dik?

Airin A said...

byebye awak! blaja rajin rajin ye nakk :)
heheh :D